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Car Rental Dunedin – Cheap Discount Car Hire – Special Deals and Offers

Dunedin is the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, and the only real “University Town” in the country. Founded by the Scottish Free Church, the city was originally to have been called New Edinburgh. “Dunedin”, more interestingly, is the old Gaelic name for the same city.


Even today, the city still retains a strong Scottish flavour; there’s haggis at New Year’s, a statue of Robbie Burns in the town square — or rather the town Octogon — and the sound of bagpipes to accompany every occasion.


On a late autumn evening in 1861, when the infant village of Dunedin was at its evening meal and the dark already falling, a lone Australian prospector – 70km away as the crow flies – stopped to try his luck at a small creek.


The man was Gabriel Read. The place, a few kilometres from modern Lawrence. The date, the 20th (some say the 23rd) of May. Shovelling away more than half a metre of gravel and reaching the slate bed of the creek, Read found, in his famous phrase, “gold shining like the stars of Orion on a dark, frosty night”.


By the time he had panned out the first shovelfuls and the darkness was already upon him, he had to stumble back to his tent to strike a light and see the rich residue of gold gleaming in the dish.


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